Jack Blackwell & Hershel Moser
June 28, 2002

Jack Blackwell & Hershel Moser are from Salem, Missouri and were staying at Biloxi Beach House Rentals , whose web page I maintain. This was their first offshore experience and we had semi-rough conditions to contend with, but nobody got sea sick. We headed east in hopes of tagging some of those large cobia sighted at the blue wing earlier in the week. The cobia had apparently moved on and so did we. We hit the Blue Wing, Mississippi, Captain Joe, the Nail Ship, several rigs in the area and the CB. Large snapper seemed to have lock jaw and I had to shoot a couple to prove they were down there. We did bag a cobia and Jack had a nice tug by an AJ. Total trip encompassed 13.5 hours and 92 miles. Below are the pictures for your enjoyment. If you like them, please let me know.
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Jack's First Ever Snapper

Hershel's Short Grouper

Jack - Getting Bigger

Here Ya Go

Black Snapper

Here's a Red Snapper!

Don't They Get Bigger?

What's This? A Bonito?

Bonito's Sure Pull Hard

Hershel - Decent Snapper

Better Yet!

One More Pic

Alot of Shorties!

Grouper - Inch Shy

This is more Like It!


Ling, Lemon, Whatever

Hook'em Jack!

This Pulls Harder!

Lookin Like...

Yep! An AJ!

Hard Pull for His Size

Red Snapper

Another View


Red Snapper

Short Grouper Again!

Decent Catch

Happy Anglers


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