Wesley Burkhalter & Sons - August 3, 2002
The crew consisted of Wesley Burkhalter and his sons, Tucker (11) & Wyatt (5). Deck Handing, for his first time, was my son Paul Miller (7). Due to a scheduling conflict with a reef building contractor (Vice Construction), we had to spend the first half of the day supervising the deployment of concrete rubble in FH-11. Once that was completed we headed south around Ship Island and stopped at a shrimp boat for some bonito. As we finished there, the winds were picking up a tad from the east, so we adjusted by heading for FH-12 off the chandeleur islands. We didn't mark alot of fish, but we picked up a half a dozen decent snapper that ranged 17-20 inches long and a shark. We chumed really hard and caught a couple live hard tails, but couldn't seem to get any Kings. We left FH-12, attempting to head towards FH-1 and FH-2, but the seas were just a bit too stout so we pointed down toward Dog Keys Pass stopping at FH-3, but weren't able to even lose a bait there. Even though fishing time was short, we had alot of tugs on the lines and sufficient meat to take home. Total Trip encompassed 10 hours (6 fishing hours) and 79 miles. Below are the pictures for your enjoyment. If you like them, please let me know.
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FH-11 Rubble Deployment

Rubble Deployment Continues

Tucker with the First Hookup

Tucker works him

Tucker gets him in the boat

Wyatt Hooks Up

Wyatt Boats his Bonito

Wyatt Hooksup Again

Working him up...

Bonito in the Boat

Tucker Boats His

Double Hookup

Bonito Crew

Wyatt has Another

Wyatt and Paul

Paul Lands a Bonito

Wyatt Gets Another Too!

Wyatt gets first Red Snapper

Tucker with a Nice Snapper

Wyatt Gets Another Snapper

Shark in the Boat

Another View of the Shark

And Another View

Wyatt and Another Red Snapper

Another View

And Another Angle

The Take Home

Tucker and Paul

Another Angle of the Take Home


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