Mississippi Outdoors
June 25, 2002

The purpose of this trip was to capture some underwater video for a production of a Mississippi Outdoors feature highlighting the Pascagoula River system and how it makes everything better, including the fish populations in the Gulf. Of course, divers have to have a surface interval between dives and sometimes it gets a bit boring so we fished a little, just not alot. Diving was pretty good and included an encounter with a sea turtle and a dolphin. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with the camera during the Turtle encounter causing it to be out of focus, and the dolphin encounter was while snorkling without the camera, but it was non-the-less exciting. I plan to post some video captures later, so check back.

We started by going by Chevron and Ham Marine. Then we proceeded to the east hitting a rig on the way to the Nail Ship. After diving the Nail Ship, we hit the rig just south of there, then proceeded back west hitting another rig and then the Blue Wing. Total Trip encompassed 12 hours and 93 miles. Below are the pictures - Enjoy!
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Ham Marine


Getting Ready

Vaccum Out the Camera

Surface Interval Time

David's First Ever Red Snapper

Kirk gets an AJ

Kirk gets a Snapper

David and a Snapper

Another View

Neighbors Hooked Up

Successful Trip

Nice Snapper!


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