Mississippi Kids, March 15, 2003
Well, what do you do when you wake up in the morning after a long hard week at work and the data buoys show a slick sea? Snapper season hasn't opened yet and for some reason people think they have to wait until it does open to book a charter (a mental thing I guess). Well, you ask your kids if they want to go fishing and invite their friends. Dumb question, heh? Well, it's hard not to have fun when the sea is this slick. This trip was to FH-7. Originally it was planned to take video and make observations of the Von Rosenberg, but a boat had beat us to that spot, so we shifted over to the Rowan Crew Quarters. Visibility was great down to 90 feet but went to zero past that. It made observations on the structure useless and halted our efforts to make another dive on the Von Rosenberg or any of the other wrecks. The crew consisted of Ben, Paul, and Luke Miller along with Preston and Mallory Savage. This crew proved that Mississippi Kids know how to fish. Total trip was 107 miles over 9 hours.
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