Midnight Lump - March 19, 2002 Midnight Lump - March 19, 2002
This trip was made aboard the "Seaduction", a 21 foot contender. Captain: Mark Walker, Crew: Mark Miller, Ricky Richard, and John Lamb. Conditions were choppy and hot (84). Fish were biting well. About 7 boats were fishing the area, jointly creating a massive and effective chum slick. Highlights included hooking up a large Mako (400-700 pounds) on 25 pound spinning rod. He made 5 impressive arial jumps. Got one on picture, but it was far away and didn't do it justice. Also a ten foot Hammerhead checked out our chum line for a while. We also had 5 big hookups that we just couldn't stop and broke our 80 pound line. Guess next time we will up the line size and get bigger leaders. Was a real fun trip. Lots of action. Every time you looked at a neighboring boat, they had a hookup too. The take home was 6 blackfin tuna (20-25 pounds each) and 2 yellowfin tuna (30-35 pounds each).
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