Reelpeace Charter - February 13, 2002
Captain Chris took us out on one of the Glacier Bays. The crew consisted of Van (Peter Vanlingen), Mark Miller, Dave Scott, Craig Vincent. Perhaps we should have heeded that this was the thirteenth and the day after Mardis Gras "Fat Tuesday", but we had the fever bad and had to try. Bad luck started the day as we tried to catch live bait and the bait rod crapped out on the first cast. It held for a few casts and only 1 hard tail and a few amberines. We ended up trying to use Tiagra 50's to catch bait and a large spinning rod with Dacron line, but it just wasn't working. Seeing some blackfin around Lena, a diamond jig on the spinning rod produced one of them. We proceeded out to Mars and was able to hookup a small yellowfin on our lone hard tail. They didn't seem interested in the amberines. We scarfed a bait rod off a buddy's boat and went over to the Jim Thompson over by the Ursa rig. We caught a few more hard tails and jetted back to Mars, but by now the fish were turning off and we had no luck. It was getting late and there was a very strong Northerner blowing down producing one of the worse boat rides of our lives. Cold, banging, brutal, and long. Anyway, I give Chris an "A" for effort, but a "D-" for lack of tackle and backup plans. We all have bad days though. In the days to follow, Chris boats a couple 180+ pound yellowfins like this one. Just our luck it wasn't on our trip.
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