Sharks always intrigue so I have tried to collect most of my Shark Videos here for your enjoyment.
Many are Sharks behind Shrimp Boats where they eat the discarded cull.
I may have missed some but if you want more, search YouTube for "Sharks Primofish MarkPrimo". I hope you Enjoy.

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2014March22 Sharks & Dolphins under Holly G with Alex Fogg (Full Video)

2014March22 Sharks & Dolphins Shorter Sneak Peek under Holly G with Alex Fogg

2014Oct12 Sharks under the Master Mike with Omar Vasquez, Jennifer Day, and Justin Brown

2015Oct10 Dolphins and Sharks under Master Mike with Omar Vasquez, Chris Stebly, Tim Shivers, Glenn Camplejohn

2015Sept30 Sharks under Queen of the Sea with David & Carson Reed

2015Aug29 Tuan Kiet Shrimp Boat with Omar Vasquez

2015May29 Sharks under Shrimp Boat with Jeff Munson Trip

2014Oct29 Dolphins & Cobia Under Lady Hazel with Paul, Luke, and Preston Savage

2014Sept18 Sharks under the Debra Lee with Jeff Munson and Rodney Brewer

2013Jan24 Sharks under Miss My Phung with Ben, Paul, Luke, Wes Lyons, and Shaun Waltman

2013July A compilation of our Shark encounters while in Orange Beach Alabama

2018June30 Shark Diving on the Kayla Maureen

Gen Fisher Video of Sharks and Dolphins behind a trawler off Queensland

Cape Fear Shark Cam Live:

Frying Pan Tower Surface Cam Live:

Mardis Gras Cam


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